Content creation

This lesson plan introduces learners (ages 6 to 12) to the topic of “Digital Content Creation” digital competence by investigating the questions: Can a machine recognize drawings, pets, birds, human faces? Can we learn a machine to recognize images, sounds and gestures? The lesson starts with a brief introductory video followed by learning activities and a challenge in the form of an AI-based game.
During these activities, students try to find ways in which artificial intelligence is working and will realise that the content of the AI systems are based to very large data collections, but in some cases the machine can be confused and cannot recognize objects or faces.
Through the challenge, students will create their own data, will play games and will develop their own game rock-paper-scissors game using Machine Learning for Kids platform and Scratch. With these games, children will change parameters and programme related applications.
The lesson plan is supplemented by a step-by-step guide for creating content, for using AI applications, for programming the AI games, containing also a tutor handbook with implementation tips. The duration of the lesson activity is expected to be a total of 120 minutes.

Learning Activity – Additional Materials

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